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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!  Here you'll find information about my passion for theatre and performing arts, and specifically my desire to increase access to all youth to the joy that is the performing arts, ensuring inclusivity, compassion, and training and education that meets the needs of all. 

Maxwell Osborne Nelson 

I believe that theatre education is where I truly belong in the creative world. The Lexington Children's Theatre will benefit from my fun, and compassionate personality, my history of performance, my natural teaching abilities, and my ability to connect with young people in a way that makes them feel heard and excited about their passions.

I believe that kids have a natural affinity for theatre with their love of playing dress-up and being the center of attention for all to admire, but I also recognize that some kids don’t have that ambition and need a much gentler push to help them blossom as a bolder and braver person. As someone on the neurodivergent spectrum, I can recognize when a student might need a little extra help, or a different approach to learning, which will help LCT continue to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone.

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