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Actor/Performing Artist

Familiar with stage combat, viewpoints, dramatic theorists, musical theatre, improv, directing, sketch comedy, voice acting, improv, technical theatre (designing sets and props), and have had numerous roles in plays and musicals of varying sizes from ensemble to principle. 


The Lexington Children's Theatre

Improv, Sketch Comedy, One Act Play Monologues 

Bryan Station High School

Drama 1-4, Adv Play Prod., Adv Choir


Theater 101-111, Set Design and Constrution

John Burr, Voice Dynamics

Private Voice Acting Training 

Voice-Over, Dialects, Editing, Recording


Acting Roles - Principle


Principle Roles

Wizard of Oz - Cowardly Lion

Once Upon a Mattress - Prince 

Phantom of the Opera - Phantom 

A passion for influencing our youth to engage in the arts through intuitive engagement and teaching, ensuring inclusivity to prevent barriers to access. 

Cowardly Lion


Pink Sugar

Voice Acting 

To access samples of my voice acting work, please visit my profile.



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